"It’s only 1 plastic toothpaste tube..."

said 8 billion people!

We always innovate with sustainability in mind. With our all-natural toothpaste, we offer a clean, natural & zero-waste alternative to the 1.5 billion toothpaste plastic tubes ending up in landfills yearly & breaking down into harmful microplastics.

Let’s talk about packaging

Recyclable glass bottle

Toothpaste plastic tubes are so last year! Our glass bottles don’t just look pretty on your bathroom counter: they’re fossil-fuel free & 100% recyclable.

Eco-friendly subscription model

Your first bottle comes with a swappable plastic pump. Our reuse model promotes a zero-waste clean oral care routine, eliminating single-use plastic waste. Click here to learn more about how our subscription works.

FSC Packaging

Your NOICE Botanical toothpaste is delivered straight to your doorstep in Forest Stewardship Council-certified cardboard boxes.

Sourcing our ingredients

Responsibly-sourced, all our ingredients have been selected with dentists to protect your teeth fully. The result? A all-natural & organic anti-plaque charcoal toothpaste that is 100% vegan & cruelty-free .

Check out our clean ingredients page to learn more about our formula and how we harness the power of nature to protect your teeth.

Plan to go Local & Closed Loop System

NOICE will be produced locally by the end of 2022! We are also putting in place a closed-loop system where you can swap your empty bottles at your local retail store. This model encourages reuse over recycling & saves CO2 emissions.

One step we’ve taken is partnering with Loop Store, who rewash & return our bottles for re-use.

Proudly Climate Positive

Beyond eliminating single-use plastic, we multiply our actions to reduce our carbon footprint and toward having a comprehensive positive impact on our planet.

We conduct quarterly CO2 emission monitoring with On the Planet to understand & lower those emissions linked to our activities.

We offset the CO2 emissions that can’t be reduced (yet) with Handprint, planting mangroves in Indonesia to capture 13tCO2 every quarter.

We collaborate with partners dedicated to make our world a better place. From Seven Clean Seas to TreeApp, we make sure that NOICE success results in a positive impact!