The best of nature, for a white smile.

NOICE Natural Charcoal Toothpaste, with anti-plaque & naturally whitening action.
Fluoride-free & Sulfate-free.

Each ingredient has been naturally sourced and carefully selected with dentists.  Combining the anti-bacterial properties of essential oils with the strong stain removing power of charcoal, NOICE Natural Charcoal Toothpaste protects your teeth fully & brightens your smile while freshening your breath all day long.

Removes stains
& whitens teeth


Freshens breath

Mother Nature Knows Best

All-natural & organic active ingredients sourced from responsible producers,
completely vegan & cruelty free.

Organic Licorice Root Extract

Prevents cavity formation
& tooth decay

Charcoal Powder

Removes Stains & whiten teeth

Organic Mentha Piperita Oil

Freshens breath & reduces inflammation

Organic Chamomile Recucita Oil

Calms gum inflammation

Organic Eucalyptus Oil

Keeps your gums & teeth strong by driving away bacterias

Organic Sage Oil

Antimicrobial properties & neutralize dental plaque

Organic Tea Tree Oil

Prevents tooth decay & plaque buildup

Organic Citrus Oil

Prevents bacterial

Organic Anise Seed Oil

Helps to refresh, disinfect & whiten the teeth

What’s not inside...

See our full list of ingredients here

& download the ingredient benefits report here.

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