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I use this new botanical toothpaste called @noicecare . It has charcoal and probably the most freshest feeling toothpaste I've used. They also sell refills in glass bottles w aluminium lids which is great for a zero waste type of lifestyle.


Done with the first one! Thanks @noicecare, No more single use plastic! #stopplastic #reduceplastic #toothpaste


Finally found a great zero waste toothpaste!!! Normal toothpaste tubes can take 500-700 years to break down. @noicecare comes in this reusable glass bottle with a pump, which looks cute on any counter top. It’s a great all natural formula with eucalyptus, peppermint and licorice and tastes amazing !! • #noice #organic #zerowaste #slsfree #naturaltoothpaste #noicecare⠀


[BEAUTY] Swipe to learn about #littlegreensteps for personal care products! 🛀🏼✨🧖🏽‍♀️ Reading labels aren't as simple as you'd think, and there's a lot more to a brand than packaging!


It’s all about our choices. #zerowastetoothpaste #reusereducerecycle


I have received my Noice Dental Gel! It is a natural, organic and vegan gel. The concept is zero waste because you can refill your bottle. First impressions: love the packaging, love the product. The gel texture is nice, taste delicious and leaves your mouth fresh and clean. I have also recently tried the tabs and I have to say that the gel is more convenient and more enjoyable. Definitely recommend! #savetheplanet #noice #zerowaste #ditchthetoothpaste #keepbrushing #keepfresh #govegan #govegansavetheworld


It's always a great feeling when you finally see a crowd funded project become a reality. #random #weekend #photo #clarendon #filter #kickstarter #indiegogo #crowdfunding #hygiene #oralhealth #clean #sunday #weekend #ecofriendly #reuseable #dentalcare


@noicecare is a botanical, 100% natural toothpaste, packaged in an elegant, eco-friendly and refilante bottle. 🌿They are organic and do everything a toothpaste should do - Keep your breath fresh, whitens your teeth and prevent cavities. I have been using them for about a month now and I have been really loving their product. 💫 . . #noice #noicecare #naturaltoothpaste #organic #zerowaste #slsfree #toothpaste


#rutinademañana #zerowastemorningroutine #lowwasteliving #rutinadehigiene #aceitedejojoba #cepillodedientesdebambu #morningroutines


Clean and healthy teeth give people a great first impression. 😁 This toothpaste from @noicecare is the first organic toothpaste with a recycable packaging. It’s difficult to switch back to ordinary toothpaste after I have tried it. It feels so good to be refreshed by this ! ✨ #noicecare #naturaltoothpaste #slsfree #zerowaste #organic #noice


It’s time to ditch single use plastic toothpastes! @noicecare has created an organic, refillable, zero-waste alternative. 🌱 We’re on board. Check them out, @noicecare!


Se me acabó la pasta de dientes que estaba usando, y aunque me regalaron ésta de la marca @noicecare hace unas semanas, he empezado a usarla hace unos 5 días. Es líquida y viene como veis con dosificados, lo que facilita que eches la cantidad que quieras y no malgastes. Deja un aliento muy fresco y está hecha a base de ingredientes naturales. Además el botecito es de cristal y podéis rellenarlo 😍


What’s your favorite zero waste toothpaste option? I found Noice last month and they’ve quickly shot to the top of my list! @noicecare is the first gel toothpaste sold in a zero waste format. [...] I love the convenience of the pump bottle, it reminds me of the aquafresh pump toothpaste from my childhood, but way better! Even Nick likes it and that’s saying something because he’s usually very skeptical of my zero waste product recs 😂 Noice is vegan, organic, and committed to offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint from shipping. It’s such a cool concept, especially for people who aren’t huge fans of other zero waste tooth paste options like tooth tabs! *To be transparent, this product was gifted to me, but I’m sharing because I’m really into it :)

@ janeenyay

@noicecare - a lifetime of toothpaste ♻️ ♻️ ♻️ Prevent cavities 🦷 while saving the environment! ✅ The first organic toothpaste with a recyclable packaging! Yipeeeee! Brush brush brush and order your starter kit now 😁 #noicecare #naturaltoothpaste #slsfree #zerowaste #organic #noice


One goal I have for 2020 is figuring out more ways to reduce waste. First time I’ve seen a toothpaste in a refillable bottle like this! This organic botanical gel from @noicecare [...] all materials are recyclable or compostable for zero waste. Check out this link to learn more about their toothpaste, including the fab ingredients. @artcrossedx #recyclable #organic #sustainable #crueltyfree #vegan #health #wellness


Feeling fresh and clean! 🌱 I’ve been trying out @noicecare botanical toothpaste atm and it’s honestly awesome! [...] Just one small thing to reinvent the way I clean my teeth ♻️ #noicecare #naturaltoothpaste #slsfree #zerowaste #organic #noice #gifted


Switched over to @noicecare all natural toothpaste and am obsessed. So good for the environment and for you 🥰🥰 #noicecare #naturaltoothpaste #slsfree #zerowaste #organic #noice


I don’t often talk about the steps I make towards a more sustainable lifestyle, because I know I still have a long way to go... but I really have been making a conscious effort. 🌿Especially since living in Aus where there seems to be a more nuanced focus and even trend towards a living more consciously 💫 One small step I’m trying at the moment, is transferring over to an all-organic toothpaste by @noicecare ✨ The ingredients include organic and essential oils - eucalyptus, liquorice, chamomile etc (all with amazing qualities). It also had charcoal for natural whitening and peppermint freshness 🌱 The bottle is glass [...] I’ve used it for a week so far... the taste, appearance and feel took some getting used to but actually I’m loving it and this little bottle will take its place in my backpack come January 🗺 *gifted


Say hello to building a clean sustainable future in the toothpaste industry with @noicecare . . . Do you know plastics, even the smallest (yes, your toothpaste tube that you use and dispose monthly) takes years and years to break down? We are in the era where plastic has become a daily commodity and we have seen how plastic goes into the sea and harm our wildlife. Climate change has also added much destruction to our beautiful Earth and the small changes we make, such as changing and supporting brands that promise a sustainable and environmental friendly cause will leave a positive impact in the centuries to come. Switch from a plastic tube toothpaste to a glass bottle that is refillable! The organic formula of @noicecare that includes sage, eucalyptus, charcoal and licorice amongst other ingredients keeps your gums, teeth and our beautiful Earth, cleaner. . . #noice #kickstarter #zerowaste #slsfree #organic #noicecare #naturaltoothpaste #cleanteeth #savetheplanet #noplastic #cleanbeauty #safe #doourpart #love #planetheroesstore #welovetheearth #igsg #joinus #nature #refillable #capssion


Just like Halong Bay (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the use of any plastic products is prohibited to protect the environment. My new organic SLS free toothpaste from @noicecare comes in a glass bottle [...] so that we can do our part to save the environment. This also makes the perfect Christmas gift! My teeth feels clean and fresh after using too thanks to its effective botanical formula of eucalyptus, liquorice & sage.

@ 0uellette

🌱lil #greengeek rant🤓 ~ I got my first batch of @noicecare natural toothpaste! I l0oOoove the super fresh flavour & my teeth feel squeaky clean. [...] I was using toothy tabs for 2 years & wasn’t very satisfied with the mouth-feel [B99 reference]. I am so happy that I’ve gone back to paste & tbh it tastes better than Crest or Colgate #NoTeaNoShade [RPDR].👀😛 ~ #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #sustainability #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #reuse #reduce #natural #naturaltoothpaste #votewithyourdollar

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